Kremlin Reserva

We delivered with this beer a classic and cozy touch, that only a wood-aged drink could feel like. At first sight we notice its black color with light beige foam in low persistent formation, where each movement made with the glass provides great adherence.

Its remarkable aroma clearly exposes an imposing woody smell, and with the same intensity, we can smell toasted almonds, passing to bitter chocolate, coffee and plums in syrup. When drinking it, we feel a velvety texture that remains persistent even after the first sip. In addition to that, the beer is composed with an excellent bitterness, derived from the special malts, and a balanced blend of American and English hops, with a slightly acidic finishing touch, resulting from the long period of maturation in Amburana barrels.

Learn how to harmonize special dishes and this beer: It came to meet the lovers of Russian Imperial Stout. A great drink for moments of relaxation

IBU 62 | 11% VOL.
Tres Tripel Reserva

Developed from the classic Antuépia Tripel, this version came to sharpen with extreme sophistication all your senses.

Bringing a light gold coloration with light turbidity, its fleeting foam leaves in his glass, what we could describe, metaphorically, as small tears. Its highly complex aroma smells ripe green grapes passing through green apples and pears, when the increase in temperature changes its aromatic characteristics, and can also smell like pineapple and light woody aroma.

A striking flavor sensation with a medium to low thickness, showing a slightly sweet beginning, passing through the acidity and a dry end with smoky touches emphasizing the use of oak barrels during maturation.

IBU 35 | 7,6% VOL.