No one could had ever imagined that after some good minutes together, enjoying that Antwaarpse Pale Ale: Belgian beer produced in Antwerp, we would decide to produce our own beers. At that moment my father understood the essence of this ancestral drink, and I set to work with a glorious feeling of joy, with a great smile on my face all the time. We achieved our dream, and in honor of that valuable moment,
we decided to call our brewery brand ANTUÉRPIA.

We believe in creative freedom and in high quality standards above all. Our aim is to provide outstanding experiences for people who drink the Antuérpia beers. The passion for the universe of special beers and the constant training of our team work help us to get market recognition. Therefore, we have achieved a production capacity of 250,000 liters from the most diverse and different kinds of beer, and we are planing to expand it in the upcoming years. Our purpose is to reward the senses of special beer lovers.

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